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Historical places to visit near our farm

Our farm is located within the Omaha Beach area, close to the American War Cemetery at Colleville sur Mer.

For first time visitors to Calvados, the American Cemetery is a moving experience. Take time out at the visitor centre and contemplate the beautiful Omaha Beach at the Overlook.

Try to visit the cemetery early morning as the area gets crowded later in the day at peak season.

The cemetery is open from 9am to 6pm between 15 April and 15 September, and from 9am to 5pm between 16 September and 14 April.

Nearby is the WN62 fortification, one of the many former German strongholds that run along Omaha Beach. It is recognizable by its column upon which are engraved the names of American soldiers who fell in combat. Walk over to the casemate which acts as a memorial to the 5th Engineer Brigade.

There is a plan of where the defences of the WN62 stronghold were located. Site number 14 on the plan was that of Hein Severloh, a soldier armed with a MG42 who perpetrated a massacre within the allied troops on 6th June 1944.

Whenever I walk to this site, looking out towards the sea, I try to imagine how hard and terrible it must have been for the young American soldiers fighting in the open on this landing beach.

To find out more about the D-Day landings at Omaha Beach, you may visit 3 specialist museums :


Here follow more historic places of interest:

Time will fly by so fast you’ll have to come back!

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