The property of la ferme de la Sapinière

The family-owned Ferme de la Sapinière has been the home of seven generations of dairy farmers. Normandy is famous for its cider production but after World War II, its production decreased.
We revived the culture of cider apples in 1987.

Our farm is located less than a kilometer away from the sea in the distinctive geographical area called "Bessin". Our high and low-trees orchards benefit from its coastal climate. Such weather conditions influence the organoleptic properties of our apples.

We first produced cider in 1991. We have been making between 80,000 and 100,000 bottles each year since then, including juice, cider, aperitifs and Calvados.

Responsible farming was always a priority in order to be respectful of our local biodiversity. It is naturally that we transitioned to organic farming. Since 2020, all of our orchards have been certified organic.

Throughout the years, we have crafted different cuvées of cider, ranging from our classic and traditional cider to more original creations. All of our ciders go through a natural secondary fermentation in the bottle.

Our shop is open year-round. You can appreciate our production there, alongside various Norman specialties, all locally produced. You can also book a guided tour to learn more about our property and production process.

The Shop